NEW: alluc crawler-widget

Do you run a blog or website that links to videos and would like alluc to index video and/or download-links from your site?
You can now use our all new crawler widget to automatically alert our crawlers of any new pages & video links on your site:

By embedding the above code on pages on your site which contain video and/or download-links, our crawlers will be alerted about all pages containing it automatically and index any compatible video links contained on them.
It executes asynchronously without slowing down your site and will display a tiny alluc logo if submission was successful.

Alluc Embed Widget (via Keyword/Search)

With the alluc embed widget you can embed a video related to any keyword on your website. For example if you'd like to embed big buck bunny simply enter "big buck bunny" below in order to create the embed code.
All of allucs search operators work when creating your embed code.
For example "big buck bunny" will only embed videos found on youtube and "big buck bunny #newlinks" will always embed the newest link.

For more information check out the wiki.

Direct URL Embed Widget

With the direct URL embed widget you can embed any video hosted on any of the hundreds of video hosters supported by alluc even if the videos you'd like to embed are currently not indexed by alluc.
This comes in handy for webmasters who'd like to automatically embed hundreds of videos hosted on different hosters without going through the hassle of implementing and maintaining embed-support for all video hosters on their blog, website or CMS.
For example if you'd like to embed simply enter the url below in order to create an example embed code.

For more information check out the wiki.